September 2017

The Extra, Not Ordinary, Goth Tag

If you are following some goth YouTubers you might be familiar with"The Goth Tag". It was quite some time since it gained popularity and now Rachel Shade and Lady Lecter has made

Mukbang and Giveaway: Swedish Candy!

Me and my cat Patrik is having a candy giveaway on YouTube. I want to give you the oportunity to taste Swedish candy and therefore I am having a little

My tattoos and their meanings

This is the story about my tattoos, what they mean to me and in witch order I made them. I try to keep the explanations fairly simple because I don't

7 revealing facts about me

Due to all the comments and messages I have recieved on my youtubechanel I decided to make a video where you can get to know me more. Some of these


The book Wiccapedia is made to be a basic introduction to Wicca. I don't identify as a Wiccan but I'm interested in the occult and I share some of it's

How I got interested in snowmobiling

This is the story of how I got interested in snowmobiling and eventually bought my first sled. I also talk about a different era in my life where I was