Evening walk in Oulu

These images are from yesterdays refreshing and romantic evening walk in Oulu 🖤 There is a lot of water and small bridges which makes it really nice for walking or

Finland Oulu

My day started with a nice breakfast at Park Hotel Tornio. As you might guess from the image Johan is a big fan of eating breakfast at hotels. I'm a

Baptism and cars

This post should have been published yesterday but it was such an intense day I fell asleep as soon as we came yo the hotel. The dag started with my

Enthusiast car vacation to Finland

Believe it or not, tomorrow we are driving to Finland with my old Volvo 740. I've been to Finland several times before and I love it there. I can't explain

Boat Tour in Luleå Archipelago

My friend Eva who has the blog People in the Street is making a blog post serie with "postcards" from every day of her vacation. I think it's a great

Long Black Balayage With Bangs

It wasn't long since I went from a blonde to black balayage. When I wrote the blog post about the change I looked through some old pictures from when I had

Renovating our home

It's been about 30°C outside which is very rare in Sweden... This is also the first week of my 4 week summer vacation... And despite this I have painted our

Volvo car meet

The Volvo car meet is a yearly event but this was the first time for me. Actually it was the first meet ever with my Volvo 740 project with the

Weekend fun

I've had an amazing weekend with Johan and thought I should share some images from it with you 🖤 On Saturday we went into town to watch Boden Watercross, a
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